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I was very pleased with the dental work that I received from Dr. Tim. His anesthetic was painless and he made me feel comfortable throughout the entire procedure. He was very gentle and thorough. Thank you Dr. Tim for making my experience pleasant!

Thanks to Dr. Good and staff my teeth are healthy and feel great. I came in as an emergency extraction which Dr. Good handled with gentleness and calmed my nerves about previous painful dental experiences. With follow-up treatment by his wonderful dental hygienists, my teeth are back to being healthy, and they look and feel great! Thank you so much for being a great dentist and wonderful staff!
-Sue Ewen

I am pleased with the work you've done on my teeth, also the partials. I am getting adjusted to them. You have made me look better too.

Thanks again, Doris Barnhart

I am very pleased with the results of the dental work that was performed by you and your staff. The work that you did to align my upper middle teeth made a special difference in my smile. Thank you for the courtesy and kindness shown by you and your staff. -M.Arnold

Dr. Good has a top notch office. The front desk is efficient and accurate in scheduling and billing. We receive excellent regular dental cleanings (our favorite person is Michelle) and checkups from Dr. Good. When additional work is necessary, like fillings or caps, Dr. Good is very skilled in his expertise and is also considerate of our comfort throughout any procedure. Top notch!
-Erin and Kathe Hockersmith

Thanks so much for the many decades of "made me feel like FAMILY" dental care. - T. Ruth

I want to say thank you to Dr. Good and his staff for their continued excellent and quality service. As a missionary living outside the United States, my visits to Chambersburg are very short. Dr. Good and his staff have always found time to see me and provided excellent care on very short notice. The entire office is friendly and competent, I know that I am in good hands. I want to thank the staff and Dr. Good for your great care.
Travis Kisamore

I have been a patient of Dr. Thomas Good since 1983. In that time, I've always been treated with great expertise by thoughtful and considerate staff in a very professional atmosphere. My recent procedure has literally been a "crowning" achievement, which required careful fitting and installation by Dr. Good. The results have caused me to re-calibrate my long repressed smile, much to the amusement of my wife.
J. Angle

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are to have found your practice. Having moved to Chambersburg recently we asked around for referrals and your name was mentioned more than one. I now know why.

Michelle always sees us on time (one of my pet peeves is having to wait for an appointment). She provides professional care and is concerned for my comfort during and after her procedure. Thank you and your staff for being professional, personable, and efficient.

I have the highest regard for your treatments. All of your staff were always super too! I would recommend you and your staff to anyone.
Lawrence Walsh

I recommend Dr. Thomas Good and his professional staff to anyone requiring quality dental care. Dr. Good is a professional dentist in every sense of the word. He puts you at ease with a caring manner. I recently fell asleep in the dental chair while having the preparation done for a crown. I consider Dr. Good to be the best! Please consider Dr. Good in your search for a dentist.
Daniel Marshall

Here in Dr. Good's office, the age-old fears of going to the dentist are finally put to rest. I feel at ease the moment I step in the door. The office staff is as friendly as they are efficient. A gentle smile and a genuine, “Hello. How are you?” let you know right away that these are folks who care. Dr. Good and his staff of expert hygienists bring a whole new meaning to the word thorough! During all of my family’s procedures, from cleaning and whitening, to drilling and pulling, everything, is always explained in detail. Even the tone in the staff’s voices gives me, the patient, a sense of confidence that immediately puts me at ease. As the work is being done, I learn that, for this dentist’s office, good enough is never quite good enough! Extra time and effort on their part means, in the end, a job extra well done!
Woltz Family
Josh, Brandon, & C.J.

You are the BEST! We can't Thank you enough for ALL the wonderful restorative health you have given to Fatima! Thank you ALL for being so generous with your time, resources, but most of all your kindness! From our whole family, we thank you for your abundant love & kindness!
The Fidler Family + Fatima Rezaei

I have been a patient of Dr. Good’s for the past eighteen months. During this short time I have found him to be a very knowledgeable, professional, and caring person. I am extremely fearful of the dentist; it merely takes someone to tell me to sit in the chair and I am riding the “white knuckle flight to dental terror!” Dr. Good (and staff) has done everything in his power to allay my fears. I especially like the fact that he tells me how he is going to proceed and what to expect next. I recommend the office of Dr. Thomas Good to any person in search of quality dental care.
Margaret Marshall

I came to Dr. Good and his staff 8 years ago with bad, sensitive teeth. They took great care of me until I realized that dentures were necessary. I have had dentures for 2 years and they are much better then my real teeth ever were! Dr. Good is not only a good dentist, but he is also an artist.
Rowan Elsom

I love Dr. Good because he is very good at what he does and he makes you as comfortable as possible while going through what could be very scary.
Linda Kane

If you have ever been traumatized or you are simply “afraid” to go to the dentist, please read my testimony.

Being traumatized by a dentist is a horrible, debilitating experience and it can stay with you the rest of your life, but it doesn't have to control you if you go to the right dentist. I was traumatized from the ages of 5 to 13. Having experienced this first hand I can tell you that your body goes through a variety of feelings and trepidations when you know it’s time to go again. Remembering the date of your next 6 month appointment is no problem and sometimes just taking about it makes your insides turn to jelly. You can feel the needle already and when you say “no” to Novocain because the needle hurts so badly, you feel the drill hitting a nerve – and you aren’t even in the chair yet. Sitting in the waiting room you just know you are turning into a bundle of nerves and your emotions begin to run away with you; all your teeth begin to hurt and your body is now a mass of marsh mellow.

But then one day, one glorious day, you meet Dr. Thomas Good, DDS. You have now met a man who has been given this God-given gift of being able to read the human body, whether it be your hands, your eyes or your body itself. He truly cares about his patients and takes his time with each one. I have heard him with children and he is wonderful and reassuring; he’s gentle and kind – having fathered four, himself.

He and his staff het to know you personally and it’s as though you are part of a family. I can honestly tell you that from the first day I entered his office, he has never, ever given me any pain whatsoever. He gives me Novocain and I DO NOT feel the needle – not even in the front – because he uses a special technique that makes you feel safe and relaxed. (Imagine ME feeling “relaxed” while sitting in a dentist chair!)

I feel bad when I hear people talking about a root canal hurting and how horrible it is, but I think I’ve had two and I didn’t feel a thing. Yes, People look at me strangely when I tell them I feel nothing – but when done properly and with great caring – you will feel no pain. Being traumatized and living with so much fear for so many years -believe me, I need Dr. Thomas Good in my life and so do you!

Oh!! And if you really want to make a hit with him, be sure to come to the office with Chocolate Turtles from Olympia!!
Brenda Geiman

Thank you so much for your recent donation to Once More Ministries. Your kindness will be spread out over our 50+ families! We really appreciate it!
Steph Brandt + OMM Staff